8 Advantages of Email Appending

email_appendingThrough email appending, in addition to the advantage of expanding your email address database and eliminating non-working records from your database.

Email appending offers you the following benefits:

  • Build new revenue streams
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Save huge postal cost (email costs a fraction of direct mail or telemarketing)
  • Get immediate results
  • Understand more about your targets’ interests and demographics
  • Measure your campaigns
  • Avert data redundancy
  • Reconnect with your lost customers

With so much competition in the market, it has really become important for businesses to keep a check on which way their email campaign is heading towards. It is with informative and impressive email campaigns, businesses can win or loss trust of their customers and prospects.

With meticulous planning and close attention to these details, your email campaign is sure to be a success! Everything you need to know about email marketing, including email templates for your campaigns can be found right here.

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B2B Global Data Delivers Healthcare Contacts in Record Time

StethoscopeA week back a Seattle based Training Institute contacted us for our B2B Data Appending services.

This particular Training Institute that organizes different programs and conferences for corporate executives, needed to arrange a conference on cervical cancer, its treatment and prevention.

Within a short span of time they needed the direct contact details – both business and personal – of 2000+ Oncologists specializing on cervical cancer. They also needed contacts of corporate executives of 500+ pharmaceutical companies who are manufacturing medicinal treatments for such a disease.

They needed details such as email, fax and business phone numbers to get directly in-touch with the key decision makers and physicians located in and around Seattle.

B2B Global Data with its skilled team of data experts searched its extensive database of over 10 million healthcare executives and picked out the contact details of Oncologists and Pharmaceutical executives. All the contact details were updated, fresh and accurate. Within a span of just 24 hours we were able to deliver the entire project – a list of 3500+ oncologists and executives based in and around Seattle.

Next day we got an email straight from the CMO’s Inbox:

We were up against a tough deadline where we had to get contact details of over 2000 doctors and pharmaceutical executives. Our team of data experts simply floored us with their rapid service. In fact rapid is not the right word, super-fast should be better. All the contacts were accurate and fresh…

There’s no doubt at all that the CMO was highly impressed.

Want to improve your database quality by appending important missing information? Looking for an accurate resource for database from any particular industry? We not only guarantee lightening speed deliverability of work, but we also ensure that the entire database we provide to you is accurate, fresh and highly targeted.

We have global resources to help you turn all the marketing potentials into powerful results. There’s no limit to what we can achieve together. Feel free to Contact us.

Offering B2B Data Management Solutions

If you are looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to enrich your customer or prospect information, then Data Management, is the only answer for you.

Data Management services offered by various companies gives you the opportunity to cleanse, correct and complete your database in the most time-saving and cost-effective way. Many database marketing vendors offer append services, and business marketers are well advised to explore the opportunity to enhance the accuracy and predictive power of their data.

As a business marketer you need to regularly append, clean and update your B2B and B2C contact list database to enhance the accuracy and predictive power of their data.

Here are the list of Data Management services:

Data Appending Services

  • Address Verification / Address Appending
  • Email Address Verification / Email Appending
  • B2B Email Appending
  • B2C Email Appending
  • Telephone Verification / Telephone Appending
  • Corporate Hierarchy Appending
  • Key Decision Makers Appending
  • Life Style Data Appending
  • ECOA Appending
  • NCOA Appending
  • Reverse Appending
  • Alternate Contact Appending
  • Fax Appending
  • Targeted Title Appending

List Appending

  • Neighborhood List Appending
  • Professionals List Appending
  • Target Company Appending
  • Technology List Appending
  • B2B List Appending
  • B2C List Appending

Data Enhancement / Data Maintenance

  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Data Updating
  • List Cleaning
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Hygiene
  • List Hygiene and Correction

Data Enrichment

  • Data Profiling
  • Data Integrity
  • Data Validation
  • List Building
  • Data Scrutinizing
  • Data Analyzing

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Want to avail our Data Management Services and have your Data maintained by data experts? Rest assured, we will make your offline/online marketing campaign rock! After all your business database is one of the most important asset where your business and marketing is concerned.

Stop suffering from the misconceptions of business data appending

Building in hand businessmen

Do you suffer from the misconception that data appending is only about attempts to match email addresses to a database of names and addresses? Because in reality business data appending goes much beyond than it seems.

Moreover, since you will be running marketing campaigns, it is absolutely feasible to include business emails, company details and business telephone numbers instead of personal records.

Although data appending is a quick and effective way to build an email database, if wrongly handled, it can turn into a disaster. As you read on, you’ll soon find out how to avoid the mistakes and use business data appending as a brilliant marketing tactic and save yourself from a complete customer relation catastrophe.

Even before you consider an email append, have you already started looking for business email addresses? And what are the mediums are you planning to avail? Will it be a website, a social media contact form or a landing page? Are you going to use inbound marketing or outbound marketing or a combination of both.

To ensure that you are gaining success in all marketing campaigns you need to get all the fields in your database filled and demographics with you. This includes their interests, hobbies and even industry background.

Listed below are few pointers that will help you do business data appending the proper way:

Business Email Appending

Simply owning a database full of email addresses is not enough. Email IDs change with time. People create different email addresses, change jobs, forget email passwords or even stop accessing certain email Ids with time. You need to be certain that you are sending your campaign messages to those email addresses that are being used. Therefore, you need to append their latest business emails so that your marketing emails reach their official inbox. Owning a business email also increases the authenticity of the lead. Business email appending is the best possible way to launch successful email marketing campaigns.

Business Phone Appending

Appending phone numbers – personal, mobile and business – are extremely important for cold calls and telemarketing campaigns. Add the missing phone numbers to your database and put the records through a verification process to ensure that the details added are correct and updated.

Business Address Appending

Even though direct marketing is not much in vogue these days but a complete physical address along with the Zipcode, especially business address will help you track the prospect or customer’s location. You can then launch a direct marketing campaign or a location-based marketing campaigns. The location of a lead will also help you understand his cultural background and interests to some extent.

Planning avail business data appended? B2B Global Data offers accurate and verified business data appending services that includes demographics such as:

  • Name
  • Business email
  • Business phone number
  • Business address
  • Company details
  • Industry
  • SIC codes
  • Job titles

Avail the most accurate business data appending services now!

Clean your dirty data before it decays


Clean your bad data today

Data decays. Period. It decays every second, every minute and every year. It is a fact that as a marketer you simply cannot ignore. As your data decays over a period of time, your marketing database slowly becomes bad data.

Meaning it becomes obsolete, invalid and ineffective. Sounds like bad news to your ears? You need to know more about bad data or dirty data.

What is meant by dirty data?

Suppose you have leads or contacts in your CRM system that are missing key information, have invalid incorrect, are just plain incorrect, or have duplicates, then you have dirty or bad data.

Bad data becomes a major problem if you aren’t able to effectively reach your prospect or customer with your message. Updated and complete contact details of your leads or customers enables you to reach more of your prospects more efficiently, and close more sales.

Databases with incomplete information are not uncommon, particularly when the data for the database are collected by questionnaire. If the questionnaire is confusing, or if it asks for huge amounts of information, or if it asks for information which respondents are reluctant to reveal, a lot of the questionnaires will not come back, and many of those that do come back will not be filled out completely.

Whatever the reason for missing data, an incomplete database is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Data don’t usually go missing randomly, and the non-missing data will therefore not be representative of the missing.

For example, if you’re constructing a database of the success of women and men in your organization, but the men are less likely to return questionnaires about their success, your database will probably exaggerate women’s success.

How do you clean this dirty data?

Own a complete database. If you’re in business, a database should reduce your costs or increase your revenues.

If your organization is non-profit, a database should either reduce your costs, enable you to provide more service for the same cost, or enable you to provide more effective service immediately.

No matter what industry you belong to, what your company background is, or which business you are involved in, database appending is always going to help you.
Data management will help you to improve the operational efficiency of your data. It will also help you to manage your data and secure your enterprise data through quarterly updation. Customized data management solution vastly improves the quality of data for decision-making and analysis.

If done in the proper way, data management corrects and standardizes the records present, so that your database or in-house database becomes complete and improves in its quality.

According to a recent report from Sirius Decisions, following best practices in data quality can lead up to a 66% increase in revenue.

Data Management Services by B2B Global Data help companies gain control over their existing data with cost effective database cleansing and enrichment. On a periodic or ongoing basis, we verify, cleanse, and append any sales and marketing database. The resulting clean data leads to improved campaign response and greater ROI for your sales and marketing campaigns.

Rest assured, we will make your offline/online marketing campaign rock! After all your business database is one of the most important asset where your business and marketing is concerned.

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Comprehensive B2B Prospect Database & Data Management Service Provider

B2B Global Data is a leading data solutions providing unit. We help SMBs and large companies to enhance their targeted search by providing accurate and updated marketing database and other enriched dynamic data solutions.

Our data experts, data analysts, researchers and knowledgeable data professionals regularly update our database-managementmaster database that comprises of over 32 million records. We also offer data management services such as data cleansing, data appending, data segmentation, data verification, data enrichment, data enhancement and data deduplication.

We cater to over 55 industry segments that include Technology, Healthcare, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Education, Publishing, and so on.

Our marketing databases are ideal for any type of marketing campaigns:

  • Direct Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Our Data Services are:

  • Data Management
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Profiling
  • Data Verification
  • Social Validation Services
  • Data Appending
  • Email Appending
  • B2B Email Appending
  • Phone Appending
  • Contact Appending
  • Social Media Profile Appending
  • List Management
  • Email Lists
  • List Building

Few of our top selling marketing databases are:

  • Technology Lists
  • Healthcare Lists
  • Geo Targeted Lists
  • Professional Lists
  • Industry-wise Lists
  • B2B Lists

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