B2B Global Data Delivers Healthcare Contacts in Record Time

StethoscopeA week back a Seattle based Training Institute contacted us for our B2B Data Appending services.

This particular Training Institute that organizes different programs and conferences for corporate executives, needed to arrange a conference on cervical cancer, its treatment and prevention.

Within a short span of time they needed the direct contact details – both business and personal – of 2000+ Oncologists specializing on cervical cancer. They also needed contacts of corporate executives of 500+ pharmaceutical companies who are manufacturing medicinal treatments for such a disease.

They needed details such as email, fax and business phone numbers to get directly in-touch with the key decision makers and physicians located in and around Seattle.

B2B Global Data with its skilled team of data experts searched its extensive database of over 10 million healthcare executives and picked out the contact details of Oncologists and Pharmaceutical executives. All the contact details were updated, fresh and accurate. Within a span of just 24 hours we were able to deliver the entire project – a list of 3500+ oncologists and executives based in and around Seattle.

Next day we got an email straight from the CMO’s Inbox:

We were up against a tough deadline where we had to get contact details of over 2000 doctors and pharmaceutical executives. Our team of data experts simply floored us with their rapid service. In fact rapid is not the right word, super-fast should be better. All the contacts were accurate and fresh…

There’s no doubt at all that the CMO was highly impressed.

Want to improve your database quality by appending important missing information? Looking for an accurate resource for database from any particular industry? We not only guarantee lightening speed deliverability of work, but we also ensure that the entire database we provide to you is accurate, fresh and highly targeted.

We have global resources to help you turn all the marketing potentials into powerful results. There’s no limit to what we can achieve together. Feel free to Contact us.


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