Stay in touch with your customers with ECOA Appending

email-change-of-addressEmail Change of Address (ECOA) ensures that you maintain valid and accurate email records of your prospects and customers in your database. This particular process reduces the bounce rates and increases the chances of creating as long-term relation with your leads or customers.

Moreover, you can stay updated and ahead of your competitors where your business is concerned.
How does the ECOA appending solution benefit you?

Most of the times some email messages that you send bounce back. This is because, some of the recipients of your mail would have changed their email ids and not informed you about the change.
To find the current email address of the recipient, you can make use of the ECOA appending solution.

  • ECOA appending helps you reconnect with your lost customers
  • ECOA appending reduces bounces and reinforces your relationship with ISPs
  • ECOA appending helps you reach the right target audience
  • ECOA appending generates increased revenue from your database

Our ECOA Appending services open the doors of this highly effective marketing medium for you. We update our databases regularly to ensure that you have access to the latest and most accurate contact information.

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