Stop suffering from the misconceptions of business data appending

Building in hand businessmen

Do you suffer from the misconception that data appending is only about attempts to match email addresses to a database of names and addresses? Because in reality business data appending goes much beyond than it seems.

Moreover, since you will be running marketing campaigns, it is absolutely feasible to include business emails, company details and business telephone numbers instead of personal records.

Although data appending is a quick and effective way to build an email database, if wrongly handled, it can turn into a disaster. As you read on, you’ll soon find out how to avoid the mistakes and use business data appending as a brilliant marketing tactic and save yourself from a complete customer relation catastrophe.

Even before you consider an email append, have you already started looking for business email addresses? And what are the mediums are you planning to avail? Will it be a website, a social media contact form or a landing page? Are you going to use inbound marketing or outbound marketing or a combination of both.

To ensure that you are gaining success in all marketing campaigns you need to get all the fields in your database filled and demographics with you. This includes their interests, hobbies and even industry background.

Listed below are few pointers that will help you do business data appending the proper way:

Business Email Appending

Simply owning a database full of email addresses is not enough. Email IDs change with time. People create different email addresses, change jobs, forget email passwords or even stop accessing certain email Ids with time. You need to be certain that you are sending your campaign messages to those email addresses that are being used. Therefore, you need to append their latest business emails so that your marketing emails reach their official inbox. Owning a business email also increases the authenticity of the lead. Business email appending is the best possible way to launch successful email marketing campaigns.

Business Phone Appending

Appending phone numbers – personal, mobile and business – are extremely important for cold calls and telemarketing campaigns. Add the missing phone numbers to your database and put the records through a verification process to ensure that the details added are correct and updated.

Business Address Appending

Even though direct marketing is not much in vogue these days but a complete physical address along with the Zipcode, especially business address will help you track the prospect or customer’s location. You can then launch a direct marketing campaign or a location-based marketing campaigns. The location of a lead will also help you understand his cultural background and interests to some extent.

Planning avail business data appended? B2B Global Data offers accurate and verified business data appending services that includes demographics such as:

  • Name
  • Business email
  • Business phone number
  • Business address
  • Company details
  • Industry
  • SIC codes
  • Job titles

Avail the most accurate business data appending services now!


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