Clean your dirty data before it decays


Clean your bad data today

Data decays. Period. It decays every second, every minute and every year. It is a fact that as a marketer you simply cannot ignore. As your data decays over a period of time, your marketing database slowly becomes bad data.

Meaning it becomes obsolete, invalid and ineffective. Sounds like bad news to your ears? You need to know more about bad data or dirty data.

What is meant by dirty data?

Suppose you have leads or contacts in your CRM system that are missing key information, have invalid incorrect, are just plain incorrect, or have duplicates, then you have dirty or bad data.

Bad data becomes a major problem if you aren’t able to effectively reach your prospect or customer with your message. Updated and complete contact details of your leads or customers enables you to reach more of your prospects more efficiently, and close more sales.

Databases with incomplete information are not uncommon, particularly when the data for the database are collected by questionnaire. If the questionnaire is confusing, or if it asks for huge amounts of information, or if it asks for information which respondents are reluctant to reveal, a lot of the questionnaires will not come back, and many of those that do come back will not be filled out completely.

Whatever the reason for missing data, an incomplete database is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Data don’t usually go missing randomly, and the non-missing data will therefore not be representative of the missing.

For example, if you’re constructing a database of the success of women and men in your organization, but the men are less likely to return questionnaires about their success, your database will probably exaggerate women’s success.

How do you clean this dirty data?

Own a complete database. If you’re in business, a database should reduce your costs or increase your revenues.

If your organization is non-profit, a database should either reduce your costs, enable you to provide more service for the same cost, or enable you to provide more effective service immediately.

No matter what industry you belong to, what your company background is, or which business you are involved in, database appending is always going to help you.
Data management will help you to improve the operational efficiency of your data. It will also help you to manage your data and secure your enterprise data through quarterly updation. Customized data management solution vastly improves the quality of data for decision-making and analysis.

If done in the proper way, data management corrects and standardizes the records present, so that your database or in-house database becomes complete and improves in its quality.

According to a recent report from Sirius Decisions, following best practices in data quality can lead up to a 66% increase in revenue.

Data Management Services by B2B Global Data help companies gain control over their existing data with cost effective database cleansing and enrichment. On a periodic or ongoing basis, we verify, cleanse, and append any sales and marketing database. The resulting clean data leads to improved campaign response and greater ROI for your sales and marketing campaigns.

Rest assured, we will make your offline/online marketing campaign rock! After all your business database is one of the most important asset where your business and marketing is concerned.

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